Hippie Diktat's music is radical, raw and powerful.

They project massive and overwhelming walls of sound, powered by explosive noise-based free improvisations;

They’ve been generously sharing this loud and physical sound experience since 2011. They have played all over Europe, released their first album Fire On in 2012 and release

their second opus, «Black Peplum» on Becop records COAX records and Poutrage Records

first review on indie rock mag here

On Tour June 2016!!! 

June 2  with Homnimal + Le Jour Du Seigneur + Quad Core @ Schwarze Erle  Basel Switzerland 

June 3 with Friends of Gas + Wrackspurts @ SIFFIGSTES HEFT , Irgendwo  Bamberg Germany

June 4 @ Galeire No Smoking galery, Strasbourg France

June 5 with Jack Dupon + NI! @ Freakshow "French Attack!!" Immerhin Würsburg Germany

June 6 with Chaman Chomeur + Biche + Organon  @ La Cartonnerie, Reims France